Dertogada book. I have liked this book in a way differnt from others would. May be it`s because I`m Ethiopian and I kind of felt patriotic or because it`s the only. Dertogada was first published in Ethiopia's national language, Amharic in by a young person called Yismake Worku, 22 years old at the. Dertogada (An Ethiopian Best Seller Novel) [Yismake Worku, Zelalem Nigussie] on About this last point, here lies only one of the ideas, the book included.

Dertogada Amharic Book

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Dertogada amharic book pdf. exe Elna Sewing Jan s Patch offer the best in sewing and quilting machines and materials, accessories and. Dertogada - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation የአማርኛ ፈሊጦች Idiomatic expressions in Amharic Ge'ez Learning Book. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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In truth you De Berhan are, in a way, one of my first proof readers. What Im trying to say here is that, I was unable to find editors or proof readers who are fluent in the language. Also as lots of writers would agree i dont like computer screens. They are like vampires. So i love my pen and paper. Then you can imagin the typo errors. So for over a month i cheked and checked again.

But at last i fainted in exhaustion. That was when my dear publishers decided enough was enough. The second point is that, I belive in beauty as much as i belive in perfection.

Thats all folks. Anything more just ask. Happy that you responded re: I must say you have done a very wonderful work again. Yismake imagined high and authored this amazing book of complex plots and formations. You laboured in translating it.

Computers make us senf…good that you still use the manual option. It was I must say a perfect translation. I would like to post it on my Facebook wall if you permit me.


The typo errors are minute and I can inbox you all the errors on FB so that you check them on the next edition. I promise to advertise the book here.

Young men like you are jewels of Ethiopia. God Bless You. Please let me know how ican get in touch with Yismake Worku. I am interested in publshing his book in various languages.

Thank you Elsa Abraham. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Nearly 40 letters written by Amelezewd to friends and people who work for the orphanage she was in are included in the book, which gives readers the chance to listen to her own voice. I am happy with the success of Yaltenore Lijinet. It has been reprinted eleven times so far with nearly 70, copies sold.

Well, that is quite a good record given that in Ethiopia books are sold only in the order of five thousand or ten thousand and people believe that it is already a best-seller. However, in general I have heard writers and even book sellers complaining that for a population of ninety plus million, the sale of books here can only be described as really poor. Hence one could say Yaltenore Lijinit has sold quite a lot in relative terms.

Yes, what you said is in substance true; but there might be several factors as to why books do not sell in the order of hundreds of thousands here. The price of books could be one, the fact that certain stories are not so fascinating may be another one, the reading habits of people may still be another one.

In any case, the Ethiopian Writers Association is doing something to fill certain gaps in this regard and may be the trend will change in the near future. Actually books continue to be published and there are several good writers nowadays. My third book, "Alella Melkoch"- Colourful Features , is a story written based on my true experience in Uganda. I was in Uganda for a one-month training on tropical biology in I was there in the training with people who came from 18 different countries and hence 18 different mentalities and cultural backgrounds.

After I wrote my true experience first, I then decided to develop it into a novel and gave myself the freedom to create conflicts and events, to give analysis of the various characters and personalities involved in the training.

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It was a fascinating experience to have to interact with these differing personalities from all over the world. I found a lot of material that could be of interest to readers and people who appreciate or are attracted by a diversity of cultures, beliefs and perceptions of life in general. Real life offers a lot of possibilities for interest and creativity as well, and I believe observation is key to any literary exploit.

In that sense my stay in Uganda has helped me develop my skills. My fourth book, "Behind the Invisible Bars," is an English book written particularly for young adults. It is a book that competed in the literature contest on African literature that is held annually and it was selected as one of the best books in contention. In fact it was the second best book at the contest winning the Burt Award for African Literature.

You know that the literature competition is organized and coordinated annually by Code Ethiopia and it is intended to encourage not only readership among schools, communities, particularly the youth, but also to encourage creative writing among Africans.

Narrative Levels in Yismake Worku's Dertogada

The competition is held annually also in three other African countries, Ghana, Kenya, and Tanzania. I thought the girl could be figured out as a prisoner locked behind invisible bars.

The thief helps her reacquire her freedom from the invisible bars she was trapped in using the weapons of love, generosity and affection. It shows that is the ultimate winner in any circumstance and that evil never pays and as a story meant to inspire youths I think it has hit its target audience in an easy and simply written language. And that was the objective of the competition. My fifth book is another English young adult fiction book that won the Burt Award for African Literature for the second time and you will know more about it when it is going to be published soon.

I believe that Yaltenore Lijinet is becoming one of the most widely spread stories in our literature. What in your opinion is the 'magic' behind such success? It is a story that can easily appeal to the emotions of any one who may have had some sort of experience with the harsh realities of poverty and those of being infected or affected by HIV and AIDS.

It is the story of many people around our neighbourhood and that fact by itself ignites some sort of interest in any Ethiopian reader.

You see Amelezewd and her family members being pushed to the limit. You vividly see and feel human suffering and you can't help being amazed by selflessness of Amelezewd. Her strong love and passion for her family was truly astonishing. There are moving and emotional moments here and there in the book that truly touch the hearts of readers. Amelezewd could not survive. That also makes the story unforgettable.

I really worked hard to produce a good book. Writing a true story is challenging, because you cannot just sit back in your armchair and fill the gaps with the ideas you create. There should be sources for all the information included in the book.

ዣንቶዣራ (ዴርቶጋዳ ፫) = Xantoxara (Dertogada 3)

I had to create the conversations and the details, still based strictly on my observation and the many hours of in-depth interviews I had with forty one people. I did a lot of research and wrote and re-wrote the manuscript before it was finally printed. In a recent TV transmission there was a special feature on that book and the story. There was the link between the story and the people actually involved in the story.

Can you tell me more about this endeavour? Some journalists were interested to produce a documentary on "Yaltenore Lijinet" interviewing the people mentioned in the book. And they called me and we met.

I contacted them with all the people they wanted to interview. People were really moved by the film and some investors and companies were willing to give money for the construction of a house on the plot of land Amelezewd's brothers have in Kotebe area. And to my surprise, the house was constructed within few months and was inaugurated on the last Ethiopian New Year.

I was so happy that the book became the starting point to make such tangible difference in the lives of Amelezewd's brothers. I would like to thank again the journalists and the kind and generous people who provided the money for the construction of the house.

Eyob, given the kind of success that you are recording in the Ethiopian literary scene, can you say that a writer in Ethiopia can earn a livelihood by only writing books and selling literary material? If not, why not? Well, you have to be really famous and extremely lucky to be a full time writer and survive with the money you get from the sale of books.

These days social media networks such as 'facebook' are of great help to promote the books of famous writers. Features like spell check, italics, and export markup are a click or two away. Taking a snapshot is as easy as clicking a button. Unless you have time to read through the tutorial, it will end up being just another item on your to-do list.

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Text expander for mac, quite simply, seems to be one of the cooler and more original apps available.Nov 23, Abushe Eshetu marked it as to-read. I prefer nonfiction. Jump to: navigation , search This article was considered for deletion at Wikipedia on November 11 De Birhan.

Zelalem Nigussie. Adisu Gonfa rated it really liked it Feb 24, They are like vampires.

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